Why Honest Graft Matters

Growing food closer to the point of consumption and enjoying the growing of it brings great reward.

But, by not just conceptually learning about the many varieties which can be grown here – but actively growing them – we enter a whole new world of possibilities adding resilience to our food system and community in the process.

Of this  great number of varieties available some are chance finds, perhaps from a discarded core, whilst others the result of years of diligent work, yet in all cases they have something of value to us, from resistance to pest and disease, to flavour, keeping qualities and so on.

What Honest Graft Offers

We intend to continue to run our grafting courses for local groups, whilst enabling previously skilled groups and individuals to build on their new passion by making grafting material available to them.  We are also excited to be commencing pilot projects with local schools with the aim of rolling out a larger project.

But our ultimate aim is to establish a living library, a fruit collection for the region, from which we can better support the many individuals and projects who are growing fruit to develop their own collections.  By growing an extensive range we can actively evaluate the viability of these varieties and, more importantly, allow people to try these fruits, further stimulating interest and so appreciating the potential of this tremendous legacy.

We think this is a great opportunity, but it’s not something we can do alone, please do let us know if you’d like to be involved or have any ideas for further projects, via the Contact Us page, our blog, or by Facebook or Twitter.